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The mediascape keeps changing. Are YOU keeping up? The "Brandwidth Era" means mastery of more valid distribution platforms for branded audio content. In each 15-minute episode the best in the business share insider tips, tools and trade craft secrets to success now and in the future. Co-hosted by Media Strategist and 2nd-generation broadcaster David Martin and recovering radio programmer, manager Kipper McGee, who also authored the book "Brandwidth: How Big Broadcasting is Missing the Mediamorphosis".
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Oct 30, 2016

Johnjay and Rich are considered one of the hottest morning shows today, syndicated in top-tier markets around the country.

Both Johnjay Van Es and Rich Berra agrees that that they wanted to be on the radio their entire lives.

Now, the Johnjay and Rich show is described as a non-stop blend of pop culture, music news and events, and relationship advice featuring appearances by a wide range of music artists, newsmakers and celebrities. The show is a special brand of "reality radio," with listeners engaged and interacting with the crew from morning to night via every form of social media - Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, email and texts. They also and shoot video of their first break every day for “JJR-TV”.

They share the biggest surprise since the national rollout of your show as well as mis-conceptions of those who would like to be syndicated -- and what they each know NOW that they WISH they had know 'then'!

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Oct 23, 2016

Tables are turned, as Chicago rock radio pioneer BOBBY SKAFISH (WXRT, WLUP, WDRV), noted for his mad interviewing chops answers questions about scoring the big names, tips for prepping and ways to make sure your interviews 'live beyond the air".  One example is his new book, "We Have Company: Four Decades of Rock and Roll Encounters".

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Oct 15, 2016

Futuri Media's Founder/CEO Daniel Anstandig offers tremendous insights on how broadcasters can harness the power of technology for content and operations, and shares some very practical insights on things YOU should look for in your next situation ─ BEFORE accepting it!

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Oct 9, 2016

Consultant Fred Jacobs shares great insights on what it will take for radio people to remain relevant in the evolving mediascape, and points out some things that worked so well radio stopped doing them!

Check out the 'Exanded Play" for the ONE THING he believes all broadcasters could be doing NOW to instantly improve our performance.

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Oct 2, 2016

What's next for radio?

Is PPM a good thing, and does radio REALLY understand it?

What advantages does radio have, IF utilized?

Researcher, futurist, and radio vet John Parikhal is best perhaps best known in radio circles as president of Joint Communications, an international media consulting firm that sports an impressive client roster.  

His notable efforts have helped clients increase market share through strategic focus on customer demands, satisfying customer needs and leading client growth through innovation, fresh thinking, targeted marketing concepts and media trend watching.

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