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The mediascape keeps changing. Are YOU keeping up? The "Brandwidth Era" means mastery of more valid distribution platforms for branded audio content. In each 15-minute episode the best in the business share insider tips, tools and trade craft secrets to success now and in the future. Co-hosted by Media Strategist and 2nd-generation broadcaster David Martin and recovering radio programmer, manager Kipper McGee, who also authored the book "Brandwidth: How Big Broadcasting is Missing the Mediamorphosis".
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Mar 24, 2017

No question, we all get barraged by marketing messages daily.

Nick Michaels has cracked the code on making messages stand out and reveals his secrets in this episode of “Brandwidth On Demand”.

His mantra, “in an over-communicated world, a whisper can become a SCREAM” is a strong starting point...part of it.  But gaining a true understanding of your target audience, then speaking to them IN THEIR LANGUAGE are the steps that Nick sees as most important, and typically overlooked.  Simple, but not easy.

In this episode, Nick provides real-world examples that you can put to work TODAY.

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Brandwidth On Demand Show Notes

Mar 15, 2017

If you look up Paige Nienabor in the Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions, you’ll see his picture.  Largely because he WROTE that book among several others! 

After groundbreaking stints at stations in Portland, Minneapolis, Charlotte and San Francisco, for the past 20 years he’s been consulting stations around the world on Marketing and Promotions.

Paige is the go-to person for hundreds of AE’s and Programmers who need ideas FAST -- and has created contests and campaigns that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and gotten media attention worldwide.

In this episode, Paige shares some of  his favorite stunts and the results created. He also reveals where he gets inspiration for some of his wackiest concepts and offers great tips for people who are short on two things: TIME and BUDGET!

Complete show notes, including BONUS CONTENT including the famous KCBQ Last Contest Montage and the EXPANDED PLAY of this interview are available at: