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The mediascape keeps changing. Are YOU keeping up? The "Brandwidth Era" means mastery of more valid distribution platforms for branded audio content. In each 15-minute episode the best in the business share insider tips, tools and trade craft secrets to success now and in the future. Co-hosted by Media Strategist and 2nd-generation broadcaster David Martin and recovering radio programmer, manager Kipper McGee, who also authored the book "Brandwidth: How Big Broadcasting is Missing the Mediamorphosis".
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Jun 28, 2017

When you mention ‘great radio people’, invariably the name Skip Mahaffey comes up. 

After decades as a morning ratings magnet, his CMA and Billboard Award-Winning “Skip Show” has been dominant for decades, winning in markets from Tulsa to Phoenix, St. Louis to San Diego, Los Angeles, Tampa and Dallas.

Now he captains mornings on one of the most innovative plays in radio, EFM’s K-LOVE stations whose approach to ownership, quality programming and business model are changing both the complexion of branded audio content and the lives of listener's they serve.

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Jun 19, 2017

     You may not see him hoarding the headlines…mainly, because Jeff McCarthy has been too busy… quietly and consistently helping build Midwest Communications into one of America’s fastest growing, privately held radio powerhouses.  For over 30 years, he’s been Vice President of Programming for a company that started as an AM/FM combo in Wausau, Wisconsin ─ then added another 100,000 watt FM and leading AM in Green Bay.  Now the company has over 70 stations in 7 states, with recent acquisitions in Nashville, Evansville and several markets in Michigan, to name a few. Importantly, Jeff has managed to raise his family in the same town all those years.

     One key to all his successes: EXCELLENCE.  In this episode, he reveals some of the approaches, tips and techniques that helps him achieve, maintain, and increase an ever-growing group of quality stations. We can all learn a lot from JEFF McCARTHY!

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Jun 15, 2017

Want proof that good guys still CAN make it to the top? Take a few minutes to hear what Star 94.1/Atlanta PD TONY LORINO has to say!

Like many of us, Tony started in smaller markets, listening, learning and working his butt off for groups like Triad and Saga.  Then a tour of duty with one of the best mentors in the business, Entercom's Brian Kelly (episode #009) at Milwaukee’s WMYX/Mix 99.1 as APD/on-air host.

After a successful move to programming at WZPT/The Point in Kansas City, he was tranferred to Atlanta and WSTR/Star 94.1.

In this episode, Tony gives tips to those who would like to move to a major market, either as an on-air performer or in Product Management. He also offers some great ‘non-media’ tips for settling in to a new market.

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Jun 5, 2017

Don’t let his wicked sense of humor fool you. CHRIS MURPHY is as serious about creating winning radio -- as he is in making radio fun. And he’s in a medium market after winning in the majors, for quality of life and other reasons he shares.

After on-air stints in a number of markets, with a station roster that includes powerhouses like Magic 98 in Madison, WI, and KS-95/KSTP in the Twin Cities, Chris brings a major market attitude, while making a home ─ and career ─ in the medium market of Springfield, IL.

There he has served as morning host on a music station, anchor and host for a News/Talk station, Operations Manager for the entire cluster, and as this is being published an announcement is being prepared for his latest promotion!

Chris shares some of the skills required to move up the ranks at a good company, as well as some surprises he’s had along the way.  He also shares some great tips for prioritizing duties when juggling a lot of different functions.