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The mediascape keeps changing. Are YOU keeping up? The "Brandwidth Era" means mastery of more valid distribution platforms for branded audio content. In each 15-minute episode the best in the business share insider tips, tools and trade craft secrets to success now and in the future. Co-hosted by Media Strategist and 2nd-generation broadcaster David Martin and recovering radio programmer, manager Kipper McGee, who also authored the book "Brandwidth: How Big Broadcasting is Missing the Mediamorphosis".
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May 26, 2018

This time, Brandwidth On Demand goes INTERNATIONAL, with European coaches Nails Mahoney & Tracey Lee.  Each have 30 years experience as Radio Presenters/Content Creators in Ireland, the UK, Malta, Canada and Asia.

Nails has hostied all day parts in major markets such as Dublin, Toronto and Vancouver.  His audio has also aired regularly on the BBC.

Tracey is an award-winning Producer and Presenter hosting top-rated National radio shows including Today FM in Ireland as well as XFM in Malta. She is a multi-award winning Producer for her work with Ireland’s South East Radio and is a regular lecturer in BCFE College in Dublin. 

Since 2007 over 2,000 broadcasters and radio professionals worldwide have used the services of On Air Coach through Live Workshops, Mentoring & Air-Checking and Radio Station engagements. Many have gone on to become award winnersmarket leaders and high earners, adding value to their career and to their Radio Stations.

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(1:40) The differences and similarities between radio around the world and the US?

(3:19) How are stations in Europe structured and operated?

(4:55) What is the ‘secret ingredient’ missing from American radio that causes broadcast pros to STAY in other countries?

(7:45) How do stations on other continents utilize online assets?

(10:53) How do broadcasters in other countries handle the age old “sales VERSUS programming’ conundrum?

Show notes:

May 21, 2018

Jeff Davis is one of the heritage voices of WLS with a career there spanning over 40 years. After moving to LA, to focus on his successful career as a national voiceover talent, he also served as the afternoon personality on Star 98.7 in Los Angeles, still maintaining work with WLS AM as the station's voice. Jeff crafts the imaging for Radio and Television stations in all size markets. He also is a well-known narrator and voice for commercials. Jeff also hosted the live radio version of the Grammy Awards, national radio shows, including "On The Radio" and the "American Dance Traxx", both distributed by Westwood One."  Currently, he writes, produces and performs a daily radio feature called ‘Just a Thought’.

As an actor, he has appeared in six feature films. and done voice work for network television on CBS and VH-1, among others.

As a DJ, Jeff heard a song by a Chicago band on a jukebox. He asked the WLS music director if he could play it after discovering they were a Chicago band. He was allowed to play it twice and on the strength of continued WLS airplay, the band was able to secure a new recording contract. The band: Styx.

May 7, 2018

A radio career can mean some ups and downs, some twists and turns.  Nobody knows that better than the radio veteran known as DreX, who is back in Chicago as morning host at the iconic B96. 

Previously DreX hosted mornings at I-Heart’s Top 40 KISS-FM 103.5 in Chicago before heading to San Francisco’s KGO. He’s also guested on numerous other radio shows including the Opie and Anthony show on Sirius/XM. Now he’s back in Chicago, the market whose legendary talent lured him into radio originally…and, along with co-host Nina Hajian, Gabe Ramirez and the B96 morning team, proving that when it comes to morning radio “DreX Marks the Spot.”

Key Takeaways You Won’t Want to Miss!

(2:22) What is the REAL key to DreX’s success in Chicago?

(3:00) DreX’s take on what separates GREAT PDs and Managers from the ‘wannabes’.

(4:59) Tips for successfully getting to know and ‘get’ a brand new market?

(6:30) DreX’s recommendations for winning with an entire new team of cast members?

(11:35) The one secret that can determine whether your career flourishes or not ─ plus dealing with the dreaded ‘non-compete’ clause!

 Show notes at



May 7, 2018

When it comes to radio today, few define ‘local’ success more than Jim O’Hara!  He’s currently the SVP/Programming of I-Heart’s cluster in Davenport IA, and the award-winning PD and midday host for Country legend WLLR.  But that’s just scratching the surface.


After 5 years programming the market’s ORIGINAL Top 40 and AOR combo, KSTT and 97X, he moved to crosstown WOC-AM, and KIIK104.5, where he served in numerous capacities for various owners, including General Manager, prior to I-Heart’s taking over and creating the seven-station Quad Cities Radio Group.


Among his many awards, Jim has been named Billboard PD of the Year, one of Radio Ink’s Best 100 Programmers, and his WLLR was named Station of the Year by the Country Music Association.  In his ‘spare time’, he also does voiceover work, and in this episode you’ll hear why! 


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(2:43) What’s the one thing that has kept Jim challenged excited while making one market ‘home” for decades?

(4:28) Some of the common things that make some stations and clusters WINNERS, while others struggle.

(5:45) The overlooked skill that is now FINALLY critical to radio people, too.

(7:30) The biggest change in dynamics for future programming success?

(9:32) Why effective INTERNAL communication can help you keep your job, and how best to do it.


Complete show notes and more info:

Apr 22, 2018

You have, no doubt, seen the name Perry Michael Simon many times.  He writes a LOT!

As Vice-President and Editor of News-Talk-Sports and Podcasting for, Perry writes comprehensive daily media news coverage and other pieces that appeared at various sites, including He also covers major conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show, radio Boot Camps, Conclave the recent NAB and many others.

After serving as PD for such notable radio stations as Jersey 101.5 and KLSX, Los Angeles.  Perry has also been a leader in podcasting, having as Director of Programming for Nerdist Podcast Network and editor of their website.

Takeaways You Won’t Want to Miss:

  • The ONLY real barrier preventing you (or anyone else) from creating your own radio brand?  
  •  Perry's view on the KEY TO RADIO'S SUCCESSFUL FUTURE.
  • Is the "other" #METOO movement stifling radio? (Perry's observations may surprise you!)
  • The TWO DISTINCT BRANCHES sprouting from today's radio, and steps you should take NOW to remain "in the game" moving forward.
  • The first FOUR things Perry would look at if he were called to program a 'legacy' radio brand today. 


Apr 16, 2018

Dan Kelley is no stranger to successful radio. Since his radio start during high school in suburban Chicago, Dan has been a station Program Director, Operations Director, Station Manager, Chief Engineer and on-air talent for such companies as CBS Radio, Clear Channel and Citadel Communications.

Since 2007, he’s had a statewide perspective for the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.  There he servies as Director of Technical Services/Digital Communications Director/Engineering.

 In addition to his work at the MAB, Dan also operates a successful listener-supported classic rock/adult alternative online radio station which has been featured as an "Editor's Pick" station multiple times in Microsoft Windows Media Guide.  We link to it in the show notes.



Apr 2, 2018

After being all over the country in glamour spots like Longview Texas, Dayton, Ohio and Terre Haute, Indiana, Nick Steele met co-host Kristen Flowers where else…at a radio station in Las Vegas!  Soon they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They became a morning show at 101.9 The Wolf in Sacremento! They now host mornings on KOIT in San Francisco.  Oh, and along the way they got married, too! When we’re not at the station, they’re usually chasing around their three cats, exploring the Bay Area or firing up the grill at home. 

In this episode, Nick shares tips for keeping his home and work lives separate while indelibly connected.He also discusses his thoughts on continuing to thrive in the new ‘radio normal’, and how he’s expanding his skills to remain not only relevant but INDISPENSABLE as the media evolution continues.

Takeaways NOT to Miss:

(1:47) What does a true AC morning show need to do today, to win in a competitive marketplace?

(3:26) The best advice for a real-life married couple to work together as a morning team.

(5:55) Tips to ensure online content complements the on-air product.

(6:48) The new skillset Nick is mastering to remain indispensable to ANY station!

(11:01) Why Nick feels he took ‘the hard way’ to get to a top market, and what you can learn from his experiences.



Mar 26, 2018

Drew Horowitz is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Hubbard Radio, overseeing operations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis and Cincinnati.

Prior to joining Hubbard, he was the Executive Vice President and COO of Bonneville International Corporation.  He joined WTMX Radio/Chicago as General Sales Manager in May 1992 and was promoted to Vice President and General Manager the next year. Earlier, he was Principal/COO of Lakeshore Communications, owners of small and medium-market radio stations. . 

In 2007, he was honored as the number one manager in radio by Radio Ink magazine.  Then, in 2013, he was named “Broadcaster of the Year” by the Illinois Broadcasters Association,

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(1:57)The 3 keys which determine whether a station “gets it”. 

(2:57) The traits that separate winning candidates from also-rans.  (Hint: “No _________________” need apply!)

(4:49) The SKILLS to develop today to remain relevant tomorrow.

(5:49) Drew’s “Four-legged stool” for determining successful candidates.

(6:49) Drew’s tips on how product professions can help the sales team WITHOUT compromising the station brand or listener experience.

Complete show notes:


Mar 21, 2018

Walter Sterling has been in radio since he was 15. He worked for a suburban New Jersey station for minimum wage as an on-air DJ.

He was one of the first talk show hosts on the FM band at stations in New York City and, as alter ego Walter Sabo, programmed and consulted enormously successful stations throughout the country.

He and his colleagues introduced the format known as Adult Contemporary to NBC’s O&O FM’s.  He is the youngest Executive Vice President in the history of NBC and held executive positions at ABC, before becoming a top media consultant.  Sadly, he did not own the stations he created. As a result, he continues to work on the air promoting strange ideas and opinions.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

- Where radio stacks up versus other media today.

- What’s the biggest advantage radio has over TV and other media?

- What’s the ‘next chapter’ for radio?

- What’s been one of the biggest annoyances to Walters consulting clients, that you might want to emulate?

- The one characteristic that Walter feels separates GREAT PD’s and GM’s from the also-rans.

Complete show notes:

Mar 3, 2018

Brandwidth MEANS the fusion of solid BRANDING with sharp, smart use of the various BANDwidth options available, and this guest if PERFECT to navigate today’s mediascape. When Beasley Media Group acquired Greater Media, they acquired some great stations, along with one of the brightest minds in media as their Vice President of Programming Buzz Knight.

In addition to an impressive series of programming posts, including WZLX-FM, Boston; Saga Communications WNOR-FM, Norfolk, and WLVQ-FM, Columbus, Buzz was also a member of the on-air talent team at WNEW-FM in New York City.  In addition to his group VPP position at Beasley, Buzz also serves on a number of industry audience measurement advisory boards.


The “R” word that can make or break your career.

Buzz’s recipe for an outstanding radio operation.

Secrets on how to make YOUR radio brand(s) stand out from all the media ‘noise’.

Some pointers ─ which surprise you ─ on creating the strongest radio brand(s) possible (for your radio station or YOUR career!).

Navigating the career maze: hear what is considered ‘the full package’ when Buzz considers applicants, both for on-air and management positions.

 Complete show notes:

Feb 25, 2018

Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster who fully expects to panic and be eaten first in the coming zombie apocalypse.

A Philly native who was raised in a remote corner of northwestern Wyoming, you’d think she’d have a little more game when it comes to the undead. Especially since she’s carved out a unique career in the radio business, co-hosting the syndicated Bob & Sheri show, heard in 40-plus markets in the US, and around the world on the Armed Forces Radio Network.

Sheri is also the author of two best-selling books and has a Master’s degree in social work. She puts that degree to use all day long, both in the studio and at home where she and husband Kevin lay claim to 8 or 9 kids, a small herd of dogs, and an entire battalion of cats.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • The top 3 things a host must realize to build a loyal audience and the ONE THING to NEVER do!
  • Why Sheri considers herself a "naturalized radio citizen", and if you're smart YOU WILL, too!
  • The biggest FREE opportunity too many radio people are missing.

Complete show notes:

Feb 19, 2018

Bill Troy is a longtime radio vet who also works extensively in the online marketing world. After successful stints programming and managing radio brands, he founded TroyResearch, the first online market research firm for the broadcast industry.  As they  created a worldwide footprint, next came global consumer brands like Sony, Disney, Nestle and Enterprise.

Six years ago, Bill started a second company, Civilis Marketing, which helps companies build business relationships using today’s online marketing tools. This experience has led him to write a book that is challenging many ‘first generation” online marketers, including companies like Google.

His new book Clicksand reveals insights he’s uncovered, and today, Bill’s crusade is to help brands, including radio stations and hosts avoid or escape the ClickSand trap, so they can compete and WIN in our evolving mediascape. 

 Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

The ONE ‘old school’ mindset that’s holding radio back TODAY.

The FIRST thing Bill would check if programming a new station today.

ONE word that will redefine radio in the next few years.

The secret weapon that can up YOUR game while others overlook it.

Get a FREE chapter of Bill’s book Clicksand HERE.

More at


Feb 12, 2018

Jonathan Drake is proof positive that a career in radio and having a life CAN coexist!

After working around the Midwest with stops in exotic locales like Joliet, Bloomington and the well-kept secret that is Des Moines, Iowa, Jonathan was transferred to the Champaign-Urbana market by Saga Communications, where he has settled in as Operations Manager of the Illini Radio Group.

In addition to his management duties, Jonathan has accompanied Champaign-Urbana radio listeners from the workplace through traffic for well over a decade as afternoon drive host on Mix 94.5

Jonathan is not the only one married to the market! Spouse Laura heads the Chamber of Commerce  as the ‘better half”  of the power couple of “CHUR-bana”!

Feb 5, 2018

Ross Brittain has been a mainstay morning drive time on-air personality since music radio transitioned from AM to FM. He’s worked in major market stations nationwide including Atlanta, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Hartford and New York City. His vast experience ranges from stints at 77WABC to ‘CBS-FM in New York. His “Z Morning Zoo” and “Breakfast Club” shows have entertained audiences waking up for nearly four decades.  His talents not only include radio, but he has made numerous TV appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & Fox. Previously, Ross did the evening news in Atlanta, hosted a talk show, a game show and even had a nightclub act entertaining people. He has also hosted several syndicated radio programs.

Ross Brittain was the Philadelphia Morning Personality of the Year for two consecutive years and was twice named the Major Market Air Personality of the Year. He’s hosted several syndicated radio programs currently is the editor and publisher of the popular prep service, “The Ross Brittain Report” and works for WCBS-FM in New York City.

You'll hear:

  • What separates hosts who ‘make it’ and those who wonder why they don’t.
  • The key to becoming an indispensable talent
  • What a top talent looks for in a GREAT PD
  • Ideas for leveraging your skills for a profitable ‘side hustle’
  • Plus…some great war stories, including what lead to a surprise FCC inspection!
Jan 29, 2018

You may not know the name Bruce Gilbert.  But the chances are you’ve heard his work, or someone following his lead!

A longtime top programmer, Bruce is perhaps best known for becoming an early and prominent practitioner of the modern Sports/Talk format at “The Ticket” in Dallas.  

Then after stints as CEO of DC based Red Zebra Broadcasting, and GM of ESPN Radio followed by FOX SPORTS RADIO.  Now he’s SVP/Sports for Cumulus where he oversees Westwood One and CBS Sports Radio, and advises the group’s 50+ all-sports stations.

Show Notes at

Jan 21, 2018

Keith Hill, The UnConsultant, has been successfully helping radio stations raise their ratings since 1992 when he teamed up with the iconic Moon Mullins in Nashville as a consultant specializing in the Country format.

Perhaps most famously, Keith is recognized as the Worlds Leading Authority on Music Scheduling, proving advanced coaching for services including Musicmaster and others.

Prior to a successful string of programming operations positions, Keith also was an air personality at the Legendary WFIL, Philadelphia as well as WXTU, Philadelphia and WYNY, New York.

When asked what “UnConsultant” means, Keith replies, “I do it differently. I look at radio stations holistically, and all advice is custom. I never offer cookie cutter advice.” His client stations are consistent winners, frequently attaining the number one position in their market under his guidance.





Jan 13, 2018

The career Jill Strada has epitomized success programming today’s hit music Radio.

After stops in markets like Orlando, Miami, Boston, New York now she’s back in Miami and with COX, as Director of Branding and Programming for HITS 97.3 and 99 JAMZ

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Common traits of winning stations, companies and individual talent.
  • Why winning can sometimes be harder than losing ─ and trap to avoid
  • How to keep radio relevant to younger-skewing audiences, especially as tech continues to create new options.
  • The most important key to coaching talent at any ANY level.

Complete show notes:

Jan 8, 2018

Martha Quinn is perhaps most famous for being one of the original veejays on MTV but like so many of us, she started in college radio including the ‘radio station with a college attached’ at WNYU, New York. However, NOT everyone gets lead roles TV commercials for clients like McDonald's, Country Time Lemonade Campbell's Soup and others.

Rolling Stone magazine readers voted her "MTV's Best-Ever VJ," and by Allure Magazine, which referred to the 80s decade as "the Martha Quinn years."  She even lent her name, face and voice to The '80s Game with Martha Quinn, a PC trivia game!  She later joined Sirius Satellite Radio which merged with XM, the channel was rebranded as The 80s on 8, and she joins other original MTV VJs in hosting programs for The 80s on 8.  Since last summer, Bay Area listeners can get their 80’s fix on KOSF, which became the market's first all-'80s radio station last summer as I Heart the 80’s @ 103.7!

 Martha continues to have a great run, seizing opportunities to ‘do it all’, from TV and film to satellite and now local radio…and even raising a family in the process!  She shares some keys to that success, and tells us some of HER role models!

Jan 4, 2018

The new year brings a time for reflection, critical review and planning for the next chapter.

This year, the “RADIO RESOLUTIONS” collection offers a cross-section of experiences, insights and inspiration from top air talent, programmers, and media thought leaders ─ designed to help you create the best 2018 possible.


Chio in the Morning – Mix 106.1, Philadelphia

Cadillac Jack – Kicks 101.5, Atlanta

Geo Cook ─ K104/Smooth 105.7, Dallas

LaDona Harvey ─ KOGO, San Diego

Fred Jacobs & Steve Goldstein ─ Sonic AI

Slats in the Morning ─ WNCX, Cleveland

Kelly Ford ─ NASH-FM

Jason Cage ─ Mix 96.5, Houston\

John Records Landecker ─National Radio Hall of Famer

Complete show notes:


Dec 18, 2017

Mitch Michaels has been on the air in the Chicago market for several decades, and worked at just about every rock station in town! He is perhaps best known for helping start WXRT-FM, and for his work at WKQX-FM, “The Loop” WLUP-FM, WCKG-FM, and others. 

He is currently ‘Doin’ the Cruise” from 3p-7p at 95.9 “The River” WERV-FM in suburban Chicago, and has recently released a book of the same name: “Doin’ the Cruise: Memories From A Lifetime in Radio and Rock & Roll.

With his longstanding run in the same major market, Mitch digs into how his job has evolved and reveals the ONE THING he feels is most important today for ANY on-air talent to remain relevant tomorrow.  His insights might surprise you.

Complete show notes:


Dec 11, 2017

Ever have a radio station change their name for you?

That's exactly what 94.5 KTI country did after revealing that Milwaukee country radio mainstay Karen Dalessandro was switching dial positions.  Her new station is so happy to have her that they have renamed the station “94-5 KAREN COUNTRY” in a series of ads, including TV and outdoor.

Clearly, Karen is a modern-day renaissance pro.  She’s done voice-over and on-camera work for advertising agencies, worked in theater and comedy improv, and was even a TV entertainment reporter for Milwaukee’s FOX-TV affiliate.

As longtime morning host at Milwaukee’s leading country radio station, she is now hosting afternoons on rival “KTI Country” and serving as WKTI Music Director.

In sharing her journey she offers some tips for deciding whether you're ready to lead a large market morning show, and importantly, what it takes to KEEP a show on top for almost two decades.   

Having been in the enviable position of "hiring her next boss", Karen describes what are some of the traits (good and bad) which any talent should be aware of before signing on the line.


Nov 27, 2017

For many who work in rock radio, Cleveland is like Mecca!

It's home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and legendary rock radio stations, like WMMS where Slats worked earlier in his career. 
After serving at a number of great places like Nashville, Florida and other warmer climates, it was not the weather, but his love of Classic Rock and knowledge of the market that made him a natural choice for a return to Cleveland and WNCX
Slats discusses how the job of morning radio host is changing and shares solid tips for handling that evolution.
He also offers some candid insights on what traits help him determine a good program director or manager.
Slats has been nominated for any number of industry awards and was named Billboard Magazine rock personality of the year and both rock personality of the year And air personality & music director of the year by FMQB
Now his business card says “Just the Morning Guy” for 98.5 WNCX – Cleveland’s Classic Rock. and we're proud to welcome him to the podcast!
Nov 19, 2017

LADONA HARVEY is known in industry circles as the outspoken co-Host of San Diego's Morning News on market leader KOGO,

Her background includes DJ stints in a variety of formats, excelling in markets like Flagstaff, Phoenix and a number of radio stations in Southern California.

LaDona then moved into information, investing a decade as news anchor before making the transition to Talk show host and now, morning co-host on a market-leading News/Talk Station.

She shares some important ways in which she’s seeing how the role of on-air host is evolving, tips for earning a slot at a bigger station or market, and insights on how to move beyond ‘surviving’ the ‘thriving’ in the new media normal.

Show Notes and Bonus Content:


Nov 13, 2017

Cadillac Jack will be marking his 25th year with Atlanta’s KICKS 101.5 in March.  He joined the station as evening host of “Crying, Loving or Leaving” when he was just 20 years-old.  After years as afternoon host on KICKS, Cadillac Jack was cast as the anchor of morning drive in 2005. He’s co-hosted with a number of talented performers, including Dallas McCade who moved to middays with a promotion to KICKS Music Director, and now “Cadillac Jack with Ali Mac” are at the morning helm. Caddy (as he is called in casual circles), has dabbled in television – appearing as TV news report “Ted Philips” on ABC’s “Hope and Faith” and also won an Emmy Award for hosting ABC’s “The Road to the CMA Music Festival.”

In this episode, he shares the ONE piece of advice that has been most helpful to him along the way.  He also offers some invaluable advice for people wishing to follow his lead into the major markets, including tips to being noticed by the right people!

For those coaching winning talent, he also shares some ‘do’s and don’t’s” for coaching strong shows and helping them be their best.

Complete Show Notes:

Nov 8, 2017

Our second season is starting as a year of ‘firsts”.  Our first confab coverage (Morning Show Boot Camp), and this time, our first ‘dual guest’ episode.

Fred Jacobs is well known as one of radio’s leading visionaries. His JACOBS MEDIA created the Classic Rock format and with the initiation of the annual benchmark Jacobs Tech Surve, he’s been acclaimed as a pioneer in the connected car movement,  and overseen the growth of their JACApps division.

Steven Goldstein is recognized as a thought leader in audio programming, marketing and management. His track record of success spans virtually every major radio format for some of the nation's top broadcasting companies. He was a co-founding partner in Saga Communications, serving as Executive Vice President and Group PD from  986 until 2015, when he founded AMPLIFI MEDIA.  

Now these two have teamed up again for what could be a real game changer in bringing radio back into the home…with a new venture called Sonic AI.  Their goal: teach YOU the ‘skills’ to make sure your station brand(s) join the new tech parade back INTO THE HOME!

If you plan on being in radio the next year or more, this is a MUST HEAR episode!

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