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The mediascape keeps changing. Are YOU keeping up? The "Brandwidth Era" means mastery of more valid distribution platforms for branded audio content. In each 15-minute episode the best in the business share insider tips, tools and trade craft secrets to success now and in the future. Co-hosted by Media Strategist and 2nd-generation broadcaster David Martin and recovering radio programmer, manager Kipper McGee, who also authored the book "Brandwidth: How Big Broadcasting is Missing the Mediamorphosis".
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Oct 30, 2017

Time alert: We usually keep episodes to 15 minutes or less, but THIS ONE is so jam-packed with great information, it runs more than a half hour!

The Best of Morning Show Boot Camp brings you highlights from America's longest running talent symposium. If you were there, this will bring back memories of some great lessons and bits shared.

Missed it? You're in for a treat -- AND a special EXCLUSIVE offer for Brandwidth On Demand listeners (in the show notes at

From TRACY JOHNSON to ACE (Ace & TJ), ALT 98.7/LA host WOODY, Las Vegas morning mainstay MERCEDES and more.

One legend interviews another:  WCBS-FM Morning star SCOTT SHANNON talks with HUBBARD CEO GINNY MORRIS.

And WNOR/Norfolk's RICK RUMBLE presides over the battle of the bits...IHeart talent sherpa DENNIS CLARK...and more!

Sep 12, 2017

John Records Landecker is a bona fide radio star, soon to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  He’s perhaps best know for his trademark saying "Records Truly is My Middle Name” also the name of his book ─ now entering it’s second printing with an updated “Hall of Fame” edition.

 Starting in small market Michigan radio, he quickly ascended to major markets like Philly and Chicago, where for years he held court at the legendary “Big 89, WLS” (or as he put it, “the Enormous but not too gaudy 89”). There he was part of a lineup that included such radio luminaries as Larry Lujack, Tommy Edwards, Fred Winston, and Dick Biondi to name just a few.  John is also famous for benchmark bits like “Boogie Check”, “Americana Panorama” and “Press My Conference”. Next came stints at other Chicago stations including WJMK, Magic 104.7 and his weekend show "Into the Seventies”. All this was followed by a return to WLS, both on AM and FM in the 2000’s, and he’s still going strong today with a show on his local hometown station WEFM! 

 In this episode, we’re treated to some strong insights from a Hall of Famer who has been to the mountaintop – and is not afraid to speak out. 


Aug 28, 2017

Jay Philpot is living proof that radio people CAN go home again! 

After growing up the the radio mecca of Minneapolis/St. Paul, he hosted at then Emmis CHR, WLOL-FM.  Then stops in with groups including Saga, Clear Channel and Hubbard in markets like Milwaukee, Norfolk, St. Louis, Dallas Baltimore and his national show on the WESTWOOD ONE NETWORK.

Now he’s back in his hometown, ‘stationed’ at the legendary KQ92, KQRS!  For many years, Jay also gave back through his tireless efforts on behaf of the Conclave, and ‘wrote the book’ on the event for their 30th anniversary, and continues to host and produce a podcast: Ain't Misbehavin', Just Conclavin'!

Among the very strong lessons he shares, Jay reveals the traits and skills most vital for radio professionals to rise to the top today and shares the best piece of advice a PD, manager or colleague ever gave him.

Importantly, after top jobs in strong markets ranging from Milwaukee, St. Louis, Dallas, Baltimore and now back to the Twin Cities, Jay explains how he connected with all those stations, and what made him stand out to earn each of those positions.

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Aug 21, 2017

When thinking about smart programming minds, one name that often comes up is GEO COOK.

Noted as one of the top pro’s in urban radio, he’s served as PD and Brand Manager for leading urban stations from Charleston to DC, from Pittsburgh to Dallas, where he’s been leading the legendary K104 brand since 2010.  He later added OM duties for sister station Smooth 105.7.

George also guided advisory firms like Geometric Media Consulting, the Media Sales Institute and Atlanta’s Hampton Agency.  In each case, the proof is in the results.

In this episode, he divulges how he directed K104 into the authentic, real-time relevant hip hop brand that continueds to be beloved by its listeners and fans in the DALLAS Metroplex.

He also shares his recipe for helping a heritage winner become even more dominant in its position by creating the most engaging content and listener experience possible at every touch pointS

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Aug 16, 2017

Kellie Rasberry was born and raised in SC with aspirations of becoming an actress, but the owner of a local radio station saw her at a talent convention and thought be great for radio. She eventually become News Director, host of her own morning show, then came a seismix shift: She moved to the big city to join Kidd Kraddick in the Morning in May, 1994.

Since then Kellie has won numerous Favorite Radio Personality of the Year awards, had a part in the made-for-TV movie, “Holiday In Your Heart,” with LeAnn Rimes, co-hosted the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards along with an episode of “Live! With Regis” during the “Women of Radio” week.

Perhaps the biggest shock came with the untimely passing of Kid Kraddock in 2013, at just 53 years old.  Although she had lost her ‘radio husband’, the show soldiered on, and under her guiding hand, the Kid Kraddock In the Morning show continues to excel to this day. 

Kellie discusses how she and the team kept the Kidd Kraddick brand and spirit alive, and shares powerful tips on how YOU can overcome adversity.


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Aug 7, 2017

NASH-FM morning star KELLY FORD is the epitome of “Award Winning” morning host.  After taking home three CMA Major Market Personality of the year prizes, plus a Marconi, an ACM, and the prestigious Gracie Award from the Alliance of Women in Media, it’s no wonder that NASH-FM wanted her to be part of their “Ty, Kelly and Chase” national morning show. 

The radio program airs from Nashville via New York where Kelly was the first live voice heard on NASHFM 94-7, the flagship NASH station in America.  Prior to New York City, Kelly woke up country listeners in Denver for 20 years. 

In this episode, she explains some differences between doing a local show and national wakeups. She also discusses how all outlets, from on-air to online and even in person have made all the difference in her success.

And for those who’d like to follow in her footsteps, wait’ll you hear her key advice!


Jul 30, 2017

Guy Phillips is undeniably an institution in the St. Louis area. After over a MILLION Quarter Hours on CBS owned Y98 (KYKY), he continuously reinvents his show, and makes St. Louis laugh every morning. Hundreds of thousands of listeners prove this every book.

For Guy, he says “ “I’ve been one of the luckiest guys to ever work in radio. I have had steady employment over five decades in St. Louis and I haven’t once failed to laugh, on the air and off, on any of those days. I work with a crew that is not only passionate about their jobs but have compassion for one another.

In this episode, he offers some great tips on people who would like to enjoy the same longevity and success, shares insights on what he’s done to evolve with the changing mediascape and his audience and reveals what he knows NOW that he WISHES he’d know ‘back then’!

Jul 22, 2017

Your audience moving away from you.


The attacks are not just online anymore.  Media reseach sherpa Dave Van Dyke offers a look at where the ‘audience gap’ between radio is and where it needs to go to remain competitive, if not dominent.

Dave was raised in radio, showcasing talents on-air, in programming, sales, marketing and research. After over two decades with posts including VP /GM at KCBS/Los Angeles along with senior management positions at Westinghouse, Viacom, Infinity and ABC Radio Networks, he started Bridge Ratings

Now he’s focused on every facet of radio, audio and Internet audience engagement and is widely recognized for his ability to forecast and gauge media Bridge Ratings conducts several studies annually to determine the impact of a variety of media which compete for consumers' time. See the Bridge Ratings New Media Gauntlet” found in the show notes.

This episode will help you bridge the growing audience gap, for survival of your station brand ─ and your career!

Show notes:


Jul 13, 2017

For CBS/Houston’s Jason Cage, it’s been said that WINNING is in his DNA! 

With over a decade in the business, Jason understands what makes fun, interactive, memorable radio and the new skills required to touch listeners where they live including social media.

His career spans from his hometown radio market, Huntsville Alabama to Chicago’s legendary B96 and other major market stops, now covering afternoons in Houston at Mix 96-5, KHMX.

Jason also shares wise advice for anyone wanting to follow in his major market footsteps.

More info and BONUS CONTENT:

Jul 3, 2017

CHIO IN THE MORNING is a Philly radio legend, provingthat perserverance DOES pay off.


He’s been part of winning stations LITERALLY from coast to coast (Z100/New York to KHTS and XHRM/San Diego). 


Through all of that, Chio is marking over 16 years hosting mornings in America’s 9th largest market, at stations like Q102, WIRED 96.5, and now at IHeart’s MIX 106-1.


There he starts Philly’s day with fun games and benchmark features like “Battle of the Sexes, “Truth or Trash” and “Chi-aoke”, his version of “karaoke” on the radio.


He’s also known for helping local families in need with charities like the “Yo Cuz” foundation, “Big Brothers and Sisters of the Independence Region” the “Philadelphia Sunday Love Project” which helps feed the homeless


Never shy about unveiling his personal life on the air, he is a proud Dad of four children, and recently got re-married to his ex-wife, live on local TV! Now teamed with co-host Nicole and Producer Matt, you’ll learn a LOT from CHIO IN THE MORNING!


If you’re serious about STAYING in radio, you can learn a LOT from CHIO in the Morning.

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Jun 28, 2017

When you mention ‘great radio people’, invariably the name Skip Mahaffey comes up. 

After decades as a morning ratings magnet, his CMA and Billboard Award-Winning “Skip Show” has been dominant for decades, winning in markets from Tulsa to Phoenix, St. Louis to San Diego, Los Angeles, Tampa and Dallas.

Now he captains mornings on one of the most innovative plays in radio, EFM’s K-LOVE stations whose approach to ownership, quality programming and business model are changing both the complexion of branded audio content and the lives of listener's they serve.

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Jun 19, 2017

     You may not see him hoarding the headlines…mainly, because Jeff McCarthy has been too busy… quietly and consistently helping build Midwest Communications into one of America’s fastest growing, privately held radio powerhouses.  For over 30 years, he’s been Vice President of Programming for a company that started as an AM/FM combo in Wausau, Wisconsin ─ then added another 100,000 watt FM and leading AM in Green Bay.  Now the company has over 70 stations in 7 states, with recent acquisitions in Nashville, Evansville and several markets in Michigan, to name a few. Importantly, Jeff has managed to raise his family in the same town all those years.

     One key to all his successes: EXCELLENCE.  In this episode, he reveals some of the approaches, tips and techniques that helps him achieve, maintain, and increase an ever-growing group of quality stations. We can all learn a lot from JEFF McCARTHY!

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Jun 15, 2017

Want proof that good guys still CAN make it to the top? Take a few minutes to hear what Star 94.1/Atlanta PD TONY LORINO has to say!

Like many of us, Tony started in smaller markets, listening, learning and working his butt off for groups like Triad and Saga.  Then a tour of duty with one of the best mentors in the business, Entercom's Brian Kelly (episode #009) at Milwaukee’s WMYX/Mix 99.1 as APD/on-air host.

After a successful move to programming at WZPT/The Point in Kansas City, he was tranferred to Atlanta and WSTR/Star 94.1.

In this episode, Tony gives tips to those who would like to move to a major market, either as an on-air performer or in Product Management. He also offers some great ‘non-media’ tips for settling in to a new market.

            Brandwidth On Demand Show Notes

Jun 5, 2017

Don’t let his wicked sense of humor fool you. CHRIS MURPHY is as serious about creating winning radio -- as he is in making radio fun. And he’s in a medium market after winning in the majors, for quality of life and other reasons he shares.

After on-air stints in a number of markets, with a station roster that includes powerhouses like Magic 98 in Madison, WI, and KS-95/KSTP in the Twin Cities, Chris brings a major market attitude, while making a home ─ and career ─ in the medium market of Springfield, IL.

There he has served as morning host on a music station, anchor and host for a News/Talk station, Operations Manager for the entire cluster, and as this is being published an announcement is being prepared for his latest promotion!

Chris shares some of the skills required to move up the ranks at a good company, as well as some surprises he’s had along the way.  He also shares some great tips for prioritizing duties when juggling a lot of different functions.

May 29, 2017

If you don’t know the name AMY PORTERFIELD, you should! 

She’s not a broadcaster, but any smart media person can learn a LOT from her online marketing skills and approaches.

Amy authored one of those big yellow “Dummies” books all about Facebook. She was named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. Then, Amy spent over 6 years workin with Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, managing his content marketing team and major online campaigns.

Since the entire Brandwidth concept focuses on ways in which traditional media can and should be using ALL avenues of engagement, Amy shares lessons and observations from her mega-successes (…and some things she’s learned NOT to do!).

If your email list or digital strategy is still a "work in progress", THIS is the episode for YOU!

This episode also includes the BONUS CONTENT: “Amy's 5 Step Plan to Grow Your Email List”      when you subscribe to for updates:

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May 23, 2017

Bobby Rich is the epitome of “AWARD-WINNING BROADCASTER”, and in this episode, you’ll hear why!

Elected to the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Named R&R: AC Personality of the Year and honored locally as Best Of Tucson by The Weekly. His 94.9 Morning MIX named “Best Of The City” by Tucson Lifestyle magazine and "Best Local Radio Show" in Arizona Daily Star Readers Poll. Greater Tucson Leadership gave Bobby their "Community Leadership Award" and Tucson Advertising Federation chose him for the prestigious “Golden Mic Award". And his under his leadership,Mix 94-9 was named R&R’s Station of the Year.

Although Tuscson has been home for over 25 years, Bobby is perhaps most highly regarded as the original creator of HOT AC, as PD of San Diego’s KFMB-FM/B-100.  There he also herded the market-dominant and equally award-winning “Rich Brothers” morning show.

Proudly stating that radio was his first love, and will be his last love, he now is channeling that passion to his online station B100-dot-FM, the station so bitchin’, it’s not even a dot-com, it's B100 dot-FM!

He shares the ONE thing separating winning shows and stations from those that aren’t, and reveals secrets that have made ALL of his stations so successful.  He also share his thoughts on where radio is headed next.

May 12, 2017

Ken Levine holds the distinction of being the first (and perhaps ONLY) Emmy Award winner to guest on Brandwidth on Demand!

He was reached the top as an on-air talent (known on-air as "Beaver Cleaver") working at legendary radio stations in markets like San Diego and LA.

Later, he moved to TV, serving as head writer, adviser and director for top hits like M*A*S*H, Cheers, Frazier, Everybody Loves Raymond, the Simpsons and many others.

Then, he fulfilled a lifetime dream, doing play-by-play for Major League Baseball teams including the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres!

Now he sees media like few others ─ and WAIT until you what he’s up to NOW!

This episode also includes the BONUS CONTENT: “5 Ways To Keep the SHOW in Show Biz” when you subscribe to for updates:

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May 1, 2017

Crys Quimby is a highly regarded broadcast journalist, News Director and PD, who is currently National Director of Programming for NBC Radio News.  She has also served as anchor for such market leading brands as Fox News Radio, CNN and one of America’s consistently top-rated and top-billing stations 1010 WINS in New York.  Notably, she was Program Director at sister station WCBS Newsradio after a successful run in Los Angeles programming CBS owned KFWB and anchoring on KNX

This veteran major market broadcaster shares valuable advice for anyone seeking to advance their career, or just starting out in the industry.  Discover which TRAITS are most valuable today, and what makes one candidate stand out over another when two people have seemingly equal qualifications.

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Apr 26, 2017

Okay, so you have a radio station.  Where ELSE should you be engaging with current and potential listeners to get their attention TODAY?  Smart broadcaster know thier best advertisers by name, but what about their most valuable listeners?

In this episode, you’ll get the inside scoop on the POWER OF P1’s…and the best ways to earn their loyalty, from someone who has studied them like few others.  Andrew Curran is President and COO of DMR/Interactive, who is also in demand as a frequent panelist and presenter at broadcast events, including CRS, RAIN, Morning Show Boot Camp and the WorldWide Radio Summit.

Andrew also shares practical ideas for how you can enhance listener engagement by using info you already have, to better understand WHO and WHERE your listeners are ─ and what REALLY interests them.  All without breaking your budget!

His insights and experiences, tips and insights will help you understand how to WIN by working smarter, not harder - whether you’re in PPM, diary or even an unrated market.

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Apr 12, 2017

There are some who say radio can be hell, but it’s a dry heat! No question, our industry continues to evolve in ways foreign to many people.  

However, there are any number of clues as to ways in which things are likely to move, and importantly, ways in which YOU can prepare to success.

In this episode, we’ve compiled some of the best CAREER ADVICE from top radio performers, managers, and media thought leaders to help you sharpen your career survival skills.  Experts like:

Kim Komando - America’s Digital Goddess,  Founder, CEO & Host: WestStar Multimedia Entertainment, Inc.

Dave Smiley - Morning Host, WZPL/Indianapolis

Chuck DuCoty - COO, NRG Media

Valerie Geller - President, Geller Media International

Fitz - National Country Morning Host, Sun Broadcast Group

Paige Nienaber - Evil Genius, CPR Radio Promotions & Consulting

Steve Goldstein - Founder and CEO, Amplify Media

Tom Webster - VP Strategy and Marketing at Edison Research

Nick Michaels - National Voiceover Artist and host: The Deep End with Nick Michaels

Zach Sang - National CHR Host: Zach Sang and the Gang, Westwood One Radio

Tommy Sablan - Hall of Fame producer: Jeff and the Showgram, KYXY/San Diego

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Apr 1, 2017

TOMMY SABLAN has been on top of the San Diego morning show heap forever ─ both on TV and radio.   He’s perhaps most widely know as the ‘producer’s producer’ of the famous Jeff & Jer Showgram in San Diego.  There, his contributions to an uber-talented team have lead the ratings as the show has moved from station to station, time and again.  Now, Jer has retired from radio and the show continues as Jeff and the Showgram, and Tommy reveals how he orchestrated the evolution without missing a beat! 

Tommy is the first-ever producer to be named to Radio’s Hall of Fame.

In this episode, Tommy shares ways ANY station or show can dominate in their market, larger or small. He also offers insights on doing the impossible: helping a show move from station to station, while GROWING the audience each time. 

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Mar 24, 2017

No question, we all get barraged by marketing messages daily.

Nick Michaels has cracked the code on making messages stand out and reveals his secrets in this episode of “Brandwidth On Demand”.

His mantra, “in an over-communicated world, a whisper can become a SCREAM” is a strong starting point...part of it.  But gaining a true understanding of your target audience, then speaking to them IN THEIR LANGUAGE are the steps that Nick sees as most important, and typically overlooked.  Simple, but not easy.

In this episode, Nick provides real-world examples that you can put to work TODAY.

Complete show notes, plus BONUS CONTENT including real life examples of how Nick's contributions lead Kipper to dethrone the longtime market leader are available when you subscribe to the newsletter at:

Brandwidth On Demand Show Notes

Mar 15, 2017

If you look up Paige Nienabor in the Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions, you’ll see his picture.  Largely because he WROTE that book among several others! 

After groundbreaking stints at stations in Portland, Minneapolis, Charlotte and San Francisco, for the past 20 years he’s been consulting stations around the world on Marketing and Promotions.

Paige is the go-to person for hundreds of AE’s and Programmers who need ideas FAST -- and has created contests and campaigns that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and gotten media attention worldwide.

In this episode, Paige shares some of  his favorite stunts and the results created. He also reveals where he gets inspiration for some of his wackiest concepts and offers great tips for people who are short on two things: TIME and BUDGET!

Complete show notes, including BONUS CONTENT including the famous KCBQ Last Contest Montage and the EXPANDED PLAY of this interview are available at:

Feb 20, 2017

If you’re wondering where radio’s future superstars will come from, here’s a hint: ZACH SANG!

At a time when most of his contemporaries were choosing other creative outlets to express their talents, Zach believed in radio ─ but with a twist!

Like many of his friends, Zach found an out-of-touch medium targeted more for his parents than his generation. Nonetheless, he got ‘bit by the radio bug’ but decided to create an entirely different take on what ‘his generation’ of radio could be.  Now he’s one of the youngest broadcasters ever to head his own network radio show, the pop culture show Zach Sang and the Gang on the Westwood One Radio Networks.

Brandwidth on Demand is proud to welcome ZACH SANG!

Complete show notes, including BONUS CONTENT and the EXPANDED PLAY of this interview are available at:

Feb 12, 2017

Gabe Hobbs is a longtime award-winning radio leader, specializing in spoken word formats for the past 20-plus years.

As SVP Programming for Clear Channel Broadcasting, he oversaw 275 News, Talk and Sports stations, and served as in-house advisor to Premiere Radio Networks, where he worked with names you’ll know ranging from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, to Dr. Laura, Bob Costas and even the President of the United States, Donald Trump!  Now he heads Gabe Hobbs Media, featuring an impressive roster of top broadcast talent.

In this episode, he reveals common threads to all of his successes, and offers tips you can implement immediately.

Gabe also shares insights on the 2017 Talk Show Boot Camp in Atlanta, and shares tips that radio people of ANY format should be paying attention to moving forward

Complete show notes, including BONUS CONTENT and the EXPANDED PLAY of this interview are available at:

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